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High-quality immune adjuvants

Products using high excellence standards and supplied to laboratories.


Good injectability at 1,0; 2,0; 3,0 and 5,0 mL vaccine doses.

How to use

Application can be done subcutaneous or intramuscularly without adverse reactions.

Highly qualified

Compete in quality with the best European adjuvants , causing less reactions at lower cost.

Shelf life

24 months after production date.

High-excellence standards

Produced with high quality white injectable oils.

Biological products

Compete in quality with the best European adjuvants.

High-quality immunological adjuvants

ADYUVAC 50 and ADYUVAC 70 are the main products from LEBAK.


Lebak Trading SA is based in Uruguay a country noted for being a protagonist in biotechnology referred to combat of many animal health diseases as Clostridials, Rabies, Brucellosis and Foot and Mouth disease vaccine in the continent.

Our formulas have all the background born in the 80’s following studies developed in 1975 by the Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center, belonging to the Pan American and the World Health Organizations, PAHO/WHO.

These oily emulsion adjuvants were developed regionally to help in the eradication campaigns that were being implemented in South America. The oil adjuvants would permit FMD vaccination twice a year only whilst maintaining real immunity for six months until revaccination.

TThe principle of slow antigen liberation (slow release) was fundamental to increase the vaccine’s efficacy, potency and immunity coverage.

The oily adjuvant which is today formulated at LEBAK specifically contribute to eradicate Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Uruguay, but it can be used in other veterinary vaccine formulations veterinary vaccines. In 1994, using this vaccine elaborated by Santa Elena Laboratories in the EUBSA plant, brought about the eradication of the disease in Uruguay and Chile.

After first eradication in the country, LEBAK TRADING was created to produce their successful adjuvant for regional use as an alternative one to those imported from Europe at high costs. The brand ADYUVAC 50 and ADYUVAC 70 were created by LEBAK TRADING.

This adjuvant has been used in the production of millions of doses of foot-and-mouth disease vaccines in South America, around one thousand two hundred million doses of vaccine with excellent results in official laboratory tests and cattle to which it was applied.


Lebak´s main commitment is to develop an effective immunological adjuvant, one that does not cause adverse local reactions, pain or persistent swelling, as well as not determining granulomas that may cause meat to be confiscated at abattoirs during the slaughter and deboning of industrial meat cuts.

Also, Lebak aimed adapting the adjuvant to the costs of vaccines manufactured in South America.

Lebak’s great success has been using excellent quality raw materials over a mix of white mineral oils and other components with injectable characteristics, thus developing several ready-to-use adjuvants having easy and safe use in the animal health vaccine production.

The high points of the adjuvants produced today by LEBAK TRADING are:

  • a) ready to use
  • b) Rapid response of lasting immunity
  • c) Very low local reaction without causing damages to skin or meat discards at the slaughterhouse
  • d) Made with high quality injectable components
  • e) Adequate prices

ADYUVAC 50 and ADYUVAC 70 are the main products from LEBAK.

ADYUVAC 50 is intended to use in w/o emulsions where the oily phase is recommended at 50 % in volume, but it is accepted a range up to 55%.

ADYUVAC 70 is intended to use in w/o emulsions where the oily phase could be used up to 70% in volume, this adjuvant allows to reach hight fluidity and seringeability, its exclusive formula eliminates any oil recovery concern.

ADYUVAC 50 and ADYUVAC 70 compete in quality with the best world oily adjuvants, causing less reactions, at a lower cost.


To manufacture products using high-excellence standards, and to supply laboratories making biological products, with high-quality immunological adjuvants at a fair price.


To continue researching and developing new immune-stimulation systems that will allow promoting better vaccines, with less reactions, at accessible costs in order to collaborate with the expansion of national as well as international livestock production.


  • To have ethical relationships with the staff, providers and clients, always offering quality competitive products at a fair price.
  • To keep a trustworthy relationship with staff, suppliers and clients.
  • To be always open to new ideas and new market trends.
  • To manufacture, using quality standards, products that are safe to the animals.
  • To work having in mind the health of our staff and environmental awareness.
  • To become an important instrument in animal health control and eradication campaigns.

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